Depolymerization of water soluble coal polymer from subbituminous coal and lignite by lignin peroxidase

  • Lillian Wondrack
  • Maria szanto
  • Willis A. wood
Session 4 Biological processing of fossil fuels


Coal polymers, water soluble at pH 3.5, were prepared from North Dakota lignite and German subbituminous coal in 35–61% yield. Gel permeation chromatography showed a major component of relatively narrow molecular weight range >75,000. The material did not dialyze through a 12,000-14,000 MW cutoff membrane under several conditions. Minor amounts of smaller fragments were present, but monomeric components were not detected. Incubation of soluble polymer with lignin peroxidase ofPhanerochaete chrysosporium caused substantial disappearance of the high molecular weight polymer and formation of smaller amounts of both higher and lower molecular weight components, but not of monomeric compounds. Addition of veratryl alcohol enhanced depolymerization. Coal polymer competitively inhibited veratryl alcohol oxidation by lignin peroxidase.

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  • Lillian Wondrack
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  • Maria szanto
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  • Willis A. wood
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  1. 1.Salk Institute BiotechnologyIndustrial Associates, Inc.San Diego

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