Central nervous system binding sites for calcitonin and calcitonin gene-related peptide

  • Patrick M. Sexton
Basic Molecular Aspects of Synaptic Plasticity


Alternative splicing of the primary RNA transcript of the calcitonin gene leads to the generation of two distinct peptides, calcitonin (CT) and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). These peptides share only limited sequence homology and generally subserve different biological functions through their own distinct binding sites, which differ in specificity and distribution. Additionally, a binding site with high-affinity binding for both peptides that has a restricted pattern of distribution has been identified. The present article reviews the biochemical and morphological characteristics of central CT and CGRP binding, sites.

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Attachment 1 Neuroanatomical Abbreviations Used in Figures


Third ventricle


Fourth ventricle


Anterior commissure


Accumbens nucleus, core


Accumbens nucleus, shell


Anterior cortical amygdaloid nucleus


Anterior commissure, posterior part


Anterodorsal thalamic nucleus


Amygdalohippocampal area, anterolateral part


Anterior hypothalamic area, posterior part


Anteromedial thalamic nucleus


Anterior medial preoptic nucleus


Area postrema


Arcuate hypothalamic nucleus


Anteroventral thalamic nucleus


Nucleus of the brachium of the inferior colliculus


Basolateral amygdaloid nucleus, anterior part


Basolateral amygdaloid nucleus, ventral part


Basomedial amygdaloid nucleus


Basomedial amygdaloid nucleus, anterior part


Brachium pontis (stem of middle cerebellar peduncle)


Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis


Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, lateral division


Fields CA1–4 of Ammon's horn


Corpus callosum


Central amygdaloid nucleus


Central (periaqueductal) gray


Central gray (dorsal part)


Central gray (lateral part)




Caudal linear nucleus of the raphe


Central medial thalamic nucleus


Central medial thalamic nucleus


Cerebral peduncle, basal part


Caudate putamen


Cuneate nucleus


Dorsal endopiriform nucleus


Dentate gyrus


Dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus


Dorsomedial tegmental area


Deep gray layer of the superior colliculus


Deep mesencephalic nucleus


Dorsal raphe nucleus


Dorsal tegmental nucleus


Dorsal tegmental decussation


Edinger-Westphal nucleus




Fimbria of the hippocampus


Forceps major of the corpus callosum


Fasciculus retroflexus


Fundus striati


Globus pallidus


Gracile nucleus


Nucleus of the horizontal limb of the diagonal band


Hilus of the dentate gyrus


Internal capsule


Inferior colliculus


Islands of Calleja, major island


Intermediate gray layer of the superior colliculus


Inferior olive


Interpeduncular nucleus


Lateral amygdaloid nucleus


Lateral amygdaloid nucleus


Laterodorsal thalamic nucleus


Laterodorsal tegmental nucleus


Lateral hypothalamic area


Lateral habenular nucleus


Lateral olfactory tract


Lateral posterior thalamic nucleus


Lateral reticular nucleus


Lateral septal nucleus, dorsal part


Lateral septal nucleus, intermediate part


Lateral septal nucleus, ventral part


Lateral ventricle


Middle cerebellar peducle


Mediodorsal thalamic nucleus


Medullary reticular nucleus, dorsal part


Medullary reticular nucleus, ventral part


Medial amygdaloid nucleus


Mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus


Medial geniculate nucleus


Medial habenular nucleus


Microcellular tegmental nucleus


Medial lemniscus


Medial longitudinal fasciculus


Median raphe nucleus


Motor trigeminal nucleus


Medial preoptic area


Medial preoptic nucleus


Medial septal nucleus


Oculomotor nucleus


Abducens nucleus


Facial nucleus


Dorsal motor nucleus, vagus


Nucleus of the lateral lemniscus


Hypoglossal nucleus


Optic tract


Optic chiasm


Paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus


Parabrachial nuclei


Periventricular hypothalamic nucleus


Parafascicular thalamic nucleus


Premammillary nucleus


Posteromedial cortical amygdaloid nucleus (C3)


Paramedian raphe nucleus


Pontine nucleus


Pontine reticular nucleus, caudal part


Pontine reticular nucleus, oral part


Primary olfactory cortex


Principal sensory trigeminal nucleus


Paraventricular thalamic nucleus, anterior part


Paraventricular thalamic nucleus, posterior part


Pyramidal tract


Red nucleus


Reuniens thalamic nucleus


Rhomboid thalamic nucleus


Raphe magnus nucleus


Raphe obscurus nucleus


Raphe pallidus nucleus


Raphe pontis nucleus


Retrorubral nucleus


Retrorubral field


Reticular thalamic nucleus


Reticulotegmental nucleus, pons


Sensory root of the trigeminal nerve


Superior colliculus


Superior cerebellar peduncle


Septofimbrial nucleus


Subfornical organ


Septohippocampal nucleus


Septohypothalamic nucleus


Stria medullaris of the thalamus


Superior olivary nucleus


Nucleus of the solitary tract


Supraoptic nucleus


Spinal trigeminal tract


Spinal trigeminal nucleus, caudal part


Subparafascicular thalamic nucleus


Stria terminalis


Subthalamic nucleus


Striohypothalamic nucleus


Supraoculomotor central gray


Superficial gray layer, superior colliculus


Triangular septal nucleus


Olfactory tubercule


Nucleus of the trapezoid body


Trapezoid body


Ventral cochlear nucleus


Nucleus of the vertical limb of the diagonal band


Ventrolateral thalamic nucleus


Ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus


Ventral pallidum


Ventral posterolateral thalamic nucleus


Ventral tegmental decussation


Decussation of the superior cerebellar peduncle


Zona incerta


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