Effect of composite Yuyin recipe on cultured human epithelial cell proliferation in vitro

  • Xiao-xia Wu
  • Zhong-sheng Min
  • Wu-qing Zhou



To study the effect of Yuyin recipe, a Chinese composite recipe, on cultured human epithelial cell proliferation in vitro


YYR in different concentrations was added separately into the keratinocyte CoLo-16 line, after the latter had been cultured 24 hrs, to be co-cultured for different periods of time (24–72 hrs). A blank control group was set up in the meantime. Effect of YYR with different concentrations and different acting time on keratinocyte proliferation was observed by MTT method


YYR in different concentrations showed significant inhibitory effect on keratinocyte CoLo-16 line in concentration-dependent and acting-time-dependent manner


Inhibition on over proliferation of epithelial cells may be one of the mechanisms of YYR in curing psoriasis.

Key Words

Yuyin recipe keratinocyte psoriasis 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Nanjing University of TCMNanjing
  2. 2.Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCMNanjing
  3. 3.Institute of DermatologyPeking Union Medical University, Chinese Academy of Medical SciencesPeking

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