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Relapsing pancreatitis as initial manifestation of cystic fibrosis in a young man without pulmonary disease

  • Volker Gross
  • Juergen Schoelmerich
  • Klaus Denzel
  • Wolfgang Gerok
Case Report


In young adults with acute pancreatitis a wide etiologic spectrum has to be considered. Among the possible causes, cystic fibrosis is rare. Besides the typical clinical triad of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, chronic obstrue-tive pulmonary disease, and elevated sweat chloride levels, there is a wide spectrum of variants of the cystic fibrosis syndrome. Especially mild manifestations of the disease may, therefore, escape proper identification. Here we describe a young man who presented initially with recurrent acute pancreatitis without pulmonary disease and without a family history of cystic fibrosis, in whom the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis was established by slightly elevated sweat chloride levels and obstructive azoospermia. Five years after the first attack of pancreatitis the patient developed pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.

Key Words

Cystic fibrosis pancreatitis azoospermia pulmonary function sweat testing 


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  • Volker Gross
    • 1
  • Juergen Schoelmerich
    • 1
  • Klaus Denzel
    • 1
  • Wolfgang Gerok
    • 1
  1. 1.Medizinische Universitaetsklinik, Albert-Ludwigs-UniversitaetFreiburgFRG

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