Vector fields and classical theorems of topology

  • Daniel Henry Gottlieb


The Author defines a new Index Theory in order to obtain new unified proof for some well known theorems (e.g. the Intermediate Value Theorem, Rouche's Theorem, The Gauss-Bonner Theorem, etc.) (Editor's abstract).


Vector Field Classical Theorem Vector Field Versus Jordan Curve Theorem Continuous Vector Field 
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L'autore elabora una nuova Teoria dell'Indice mediante la quale ottiene nuove dimostrazioni in forma unificata di risultati classici (p.e. il teorema di valor medio, il teorema di Rouché. il teorema di Gauss-Bonnet ecc.) (Sunto dell'Editore).


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  • Daniel Henry Gottlieb
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  1. 1.Purdue UniversityPurdueItalia

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