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Effect of acute gamma irradiation on initiation and maturation of vascular tissues in stems of capsicum annuum L.

  • J. Iqbal


The effect of acute gamma rays (60Co; 1 to 10 kR) on the vascular differentiation in stems of seedlings of Capsicum annuum L. long fruited cultivar at 8-loaf stage of development. Prooambium, phloem and xylem of irradiated seedlings showed an early initiation and maturation in terms of distance from the tip. Magnitude of these differences increased with the increasing exposures and time following irradiation. In irradiated seedlings there is a ohange in the developmental sequence of metaphloem and metaxylem when they first appear (in terms of number of leaf primordia). There is also a general increase in the number of procambial cells, sieve elements and vessel elements after irradiation.

The early initiation and maturation of the vascular tissue is correlated with the growth inhibition resulting from cell death and suppression of cell division activity in the shoot apex.


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Vliv akutního záření gama na zakládání a dospívání vodivých pletiv ve stoncích Capsicum annuum L.


Byl sledován vliv akutního záření gama (60Co, 1 až 10 kR) na diferenciaci vodivých pletiv ve stoncích semenáčků dlouhoplodého kultivaru papriky.


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  • J. Iqbal
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  1. 1.Botany DepartmentPunjab UniversityNew Campus, LahorePakistan

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