On certain non-Kahlerian strongly pseudoconvex manifolds

  • Vo Van Tan


It has been conjectured that strongly pseudoconvex manifoldsX such that its exceptional setS is an irreducible curve can be embedded biholomorphically into some ℂ N ×P m . In this paper we show that this is true, with one exception, namely when dim X = 3 and its first Chern classc 1 (K X ¦S) = 0 whereSP 1 andK X is the canonical bundle ofX. On the other hand, we explicitly exhibit such a 3-foldX that is not Kahlerian; also we construct non-Kahlerian strongly pseudoconvex 3-foldX whose exceptional setS is a ruled surface; those concrete examples naturally raise the possibility of classifying non-Kahlerian strongly pseudoconvex 3-folds.

Math Subject Classification

32F10 32C17 

Key Words and Phrases

Embeddable 1 -convex manifolds canonical bundle rational curves 


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  • Vo Van Tan
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of MathematicsSuffolk UniversityBoston

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