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The interrelation between elongation and IAA-1-14C metabolism in wheat coleoptile sections

  • Elwira K. Lis
  • R. Antoszewski


It has been shown that intensive elongation of wheat coleoptile sections is correlated with indoleacetic acid-1-14C metabolism. In tissues actively growing the disappearance of indoleacetic acid-1-14C and formation of conjugates and metabolites (indoleacetamide, indoleacetyl-β-D-glucose, indoleacetyl aspartic acid) is twice as high as in sections where growth has been stopped by physical constraint (plaster) or in tissue which did not elongate by an unknown reason.


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Vztah mezi prodlužováním a metabolismem kyseliny indolyl-3-octové-1-14C u sekei koleoptili pšenice


Intensivní prodlužování sekcí koleoptilí pšenice souvisí s metabolismem kyseliny indolyl-3-octové-1-14C.V aktivně rostoucích pletivech je rozklad kyseliny indolyl-3-octové-1-14C a tvorba derivátů a metabolitů (indolylacetamid, indolylacetyl-3-D-glukosa, kyselina indolylacetylasparagová) dvakrát vyšší než v pletivech nerostoucích z jiných, neznámých důvodů.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Elwira K. Lis
    • 1
  • R. Antoszewski
    • 1
  1. 1.Isotope Laboratory of Fruit BiochemistryResearch Institute of Pomology SkierniewicePoland

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