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Theory of scattering from a nearly transparent anomaly

  • Victor W. Bolie


Recent advances in the design of uhf and microwave communication equipment, coupled with the increasing need for expanding the usable frequency spectrum, have generated considerable interest in making use of scattered signals which are propagated beyond the radio horizon. Although a large number of experimental measurements have been reported in the literature, much theoretical work in interpreting the basic scattering phenomena remains to be done. In order to gain a more detailed insight into the scattering mechanism, an approximate equation of propagation of electromagnetic energy in a nearly transparent medium is applied to the case in which the medium contains a dielectric inhomogeneity in the form of an isolated gaussian-shaped perturbation in the refractive index. Equations for the scattering caused by the perturbing blob are illustrated graphically. The energy extracted from the incident wave by the blob is illustrated graphically by a plot of the total scattering cross-section as a function of blob size.


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