Microgravity Science and Technology

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Secondary level esa education demonstrations per soyuz mission

  • Sylvie Ijsselstein


The objective of these education demonstrations was to explain and record basic scientific phenomena common to the European secondary school curriculum, in weightless conditions on board the International Space Station (ISS). Video taken during the Cervantes, Delta and Eneide Missions of the results, have been incorporated into a series of ESA educational DVD lessons for distribution to secondary schools within ESA Member States, respectively entitled: Project Zero Gravity, Mission 1: Newton in Space, Mission 2: Body Space, and Mission 3: Space Matters.


PMMA PTFE International Space Station Flight Model Education Demonstration 


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  • Sylvie Ijsselstein
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  1. 1.ISS Utilisation Strategy & Education OfficeEuropean Space AgencyNoordwijkThe Netherlands

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