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Ocular tissue involvement in HIV infection: Immunological and pathological aspects

  • Kenneth E. Ugen
  • Daniel E. McCallus
  • Joan M. Von Feldt
  • William V. Williams
  • Mark I. Greene
  • David B. Weiner
Ocular HIV Infection


The CNS afflictions in AIDS are myriad and suggest a tropism of HIV to neural tissue. Ocular involvement is a frequent manifestation of the HIV infection, resulting in a high incidence of blindness within this patient population. Ocular lesions include cotton wool spots, presumably from HIV-induced microvasculopathy, retinal hemorrhage in cytomegalovirus retinitis and conjunctival Kaposi's sarcoma. These manifestations have been noted in up to 71% of AIDS patients. In fact, ocular disease is often the presenting symptom in an HIV-infected individual. Despite the high incidence of ocular involvement in AIDS patients, the etiology and pathogenesis of these manifestations are not well understood. The immunosuppressive action of HIV is the most likely primary cause for the development of ocular complications in AIDS. Here we review some of the important immunological and pathological features of AIDS affliction in the eye.

Key Words

AIDS Conjunctivitis Cotton wool spots Cytomegalovirus retinopathy Herpes zoster ophthalmicus HIV HHV-6 Kaposi's sarcoma Toxoplasmosis Zidovudine 


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  • Joan M. Von Feldt
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