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The influence of gas-liquid properties on gas driven waves in a film

  • Alexander M. Frank
Two-Phase Flows


The paper deals with a two-layer flow in microgravity, when the upper light fluid (gas) drives the lower layer and forces the wave motion at the interface. The flow is simulated numerically by solving the coupled 2D problem for the Navier-Stokes equations. Gas phases with different viscosities and densities are considered and the influence of these properties on wave characteristics is investigated. It has been shown that film Reynolds number depends on density ratio when the viscosity ratio is fixed. Another result is that the wave amplitude and phase speed at a given film Reynolds number depend on gas viscosity and density. The flow with heavy gas can result in waves with equal amplitudes but different phase speed.


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  1. 1.ICM SB RASAkademgorodok, KrasynoarskRussia

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