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Materials manhandling in the mining and smelting industries

  • W. Kraft Johanssen
Review of Extraction & Processing


There is plenty of room for material handling improvements in electric submerged arc smelters in order to improve housekeeping; reduce spill, segregation, and the generation of fines; improve on dust containment and collection; reduce maintenance costs; and improve on equipment availability and furnace operation and efficiency. Other benefits will include improved general housekeeping and employee attitudes.

The metallurgical industry has kept a watchful eye on reducing the capital costs at the expense of higher operating costs, seemingly forgetting that costs for spare parts and labor will always increase. These suggestions for improvements in the materials handling may be implemented in part or in full in existing plants, depending on the specific conditions and the physical layout of the equipment at the plant. The proposed improvements to the materials handling in the smelter industry can also reduce the costs for new plants.


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