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Thermomechanical processing effects on C−Mn−Si TRIP steels

  • S. Yue
  • A. DiChiro
  • A. Zarei-Hanzaki
Retained Austenite in Steel


A variety of thermomechanical-processing treatments were performed on a niobium microalloyed and a nonmicroalloyed Si−Mn transformation-induced plasticity steel to generate different austenite conditions (i.e., dynamic and static recrystallization and pancaking) prior to transformation. These were, in turn, subjected to different transformation schedules to generate a variety of microstructures and mechanical properties. The various thermomechanical processing and transformation conditions led to structures with a relatively small variation in ultimate tensile strength, but tensile elongations to fracture from about 20% to 60%.


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  • S. Yue
  • A. DiChiro
  • A. Zarei-Hanzaki

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