Metallurgical Transactions

, Volume 2, Issue 6, pp 1613–1619 | Cite as

Extraordinary snoek damping in an Fe−Mn−N alloy

  • E. T. Stephenson


Extraordinary Snoek damping was examined in an Fe-2 pct Mn-0.01 pct N alloy over a temperature range of −50° to 290°C. The complex damping spectrum is composed of a relatively small nitrogen Snoek peak and a series of at least four extraordinary Snoek peaks that lie between 7° and 135°C at 1 Hz. The low temperature peak (at 7°C for 1 Hz) was investigated in some detail by varying the frequency between 0.19 and 2.5 Hz and by analyses of the peak shape. The peak-shift analyses give, an activation energy of 17.1 kcal per mole, which is 2 to 3 kcal per mole more than that given by the peak-shape analyses. Therefore, the lowtemperature peak is not characterized by a single relaxation time. Furthermore, analyses of a series of synthetic curves indicated that the low-temperature peak can be characterized by two relaxation times with the strength of one relaxation being about 15 pct of the other. The activation energy of 17.1 kcal per mole is in excellent agreement with the previously proposed proportionality between peak temperature and activation energy of relaxation peaks. The present findings are in general consistent with the model for the low-temperature peak that envisions a nitrogen atom jumping about a pair of manganese atoms.


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  1. 1.Homer Research LaboratoriesBethlehem Steel CorpBethlehem

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