Metallurgical Transactions B

, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 303–310 | Cite as

An analysis of the open-coil decarburization of steel

  • Yong-Wu Kim
  • Harry P. Leckie
Process Control


A series of experiments has been conducted on commercial open-coil annealing facilities to investigate the effects of process variables on the decarburization of steel. A solid electrolyte oxygen probe using iron+iron oxide as a reference electrode has been developed for monitoring furnace atmosphere. This is shown to be a valuable tool in optimizing the decarburization process. By combining high gas flow rates with high dew point, it was possible to effect a significant reduction in the time required for open-coil decarburization.


Ferrite Decarburization Steam Injection Furnace Atmosphere Oxygen Probe 


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© The Metallurgical Society of AIME 1975

Authors and Affiliations

  • Yong-Wu Kim
    • 1
  • Harry P. Leckie
    • 1
  1. 1.Inland Steel Research LaboratoriesEast Chicago

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