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, Volume 65, Issue 10, pp 1635–1641 | Cite as

Cholesterol oxides in swedish foods and food ingredients: Butter and cheese

  • Jaffar Nourooz-Zadeh
  • Lars-Åke Appelqvist


Fresh butter manufactured by batch or continuous technologies in Sweden contained only traces of 7-ketocholesterol at the detection limit (0.1 ppm in the lipids) and no detectable levels of other common cholesterol oxides. Storage at 4°C for up to four mo caused an increase in the levels of the isomeric 5,6-epoxycholestanols, the epimeric 7-hydroxycholesterols, 20α-hydroxycholesterol and 7-ketocholesterol as revealed by Lipidex chromatography, TEAP-Lipidex chromatography and GLC. Heating of butter for 10 min at the temperature interval 150–200°C under conditions similar to that in shallow-pan kitchen frying caused a gradual increase in the total amount of cholesterol oxides from 0 to 2.5 ppm, while at 200°C the total amount of cholesterol oxides was 1.6 ppm. Butter heated five min at 200°C also had less cholesterol oxides than that heated at 190°C for 10 min. Industrially manufactured butter oil and cream oil contained only low levels of some of the cholesterol oxides. Further, three types of processed cheese (soft-melted, hard-melted and grated cheese) were investigated. The soft-melted and the hard-melted cheese types contained only traces of some of the oxides, while the grated cheese samples had 0.5–2.2 ppm of the total cholesterol oxides in the lipids.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jaffar Nourooz-Zadeh
    • 1
  • Lars-Åke Appelqvist
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Food HygieneSwedish University of Agricultural SciencesUppsalaSweden

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