Complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Co(II) with isophthalic dihydrazide

  • C G Kumbhar
Inorganic and Analytical


Complexes of isophthalic dihydrazide (IPZ) of the type MCl2(IPZ)·H2O [M=Cu(II), Ni(II), Co(II)] and MSO4(IPZ)·H2O [M=Cu(II), Ni(II)] have been prepared and characterised from elemental analysis, magnetic moment, visible, IR, and ESR spectra. Based on these data a polymeric octahedral structure has been assigned to MCl2(IPZ)·H2O complexes and sulphate bridged four coordinate polymeric structure for MSO4(IPZ)·H2O complexes. Thermogravimetric studies of these complexes show that the thermal stability decreases in the order Ni(II)> Co(II)>Cu(II).


Isophthalic dihydrazide metal chloride complexes metal sulphate complexes 


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  • C G Kumbhar
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  1. 1.Institute of Armament TechnologyPuneIndia

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