The expanding spectrum of clinical and laboratory features of IgE myeloma

Report of a case and review of the literature
  • Franco Dammacco
  • Antonio Miglietta
  • Maurizio Tribalto
  • Franco Mandelli
  • Lorenzo Bonomo
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A new case of IgE myeloma is described. Patient G.M., a 60-year-old woman, complained with a 3-months’ history of generalized bone pain, weight loss, profound weakness and severe anemia. A bone survey revealed multiple lytic lesions, and a heavy replacement by plasma cells was disclosed in the bone marrow examination of a sternal sample. In addition, an IgE serum M-component and γ-type Bence Jones proteinuria were identified by immunochemical studies. The disease course was rapid, death occurring within 6 months of clinical onset. A molecular weight of 188,500 daltons was calculated for the purified protein G.M., whereas the molecular weights of its subunits were found to be 72,000 for the ε chains and 43,000 for the γ chain dimers. This case is compared with 15 reported cases of IgE monoclonal gammapathy, an expanding clinical and laboratory spectrum emerging from the review of the literature.


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