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Localization of acid phosphatase activity in maize root under phosphorus deficiency

  • Marie Kummerová
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The effect of phosphorus deficiency on acid phosphatase activity in the apical, middle and basal parts of the root of maize plants was followed. The supernatant obtained by centrifuging the homogenate of plant tissue at 1500 ×g was further centrifuged at 18 000 ×g, the sediment being marked as fraction II and the supernatant as fraction III. The results obtained document the fact that acid phosphatase activity of the two fractions of all analyzed root segments was higher in plants cultured in nutrient medium without phosphate than in those containing phosphorus in nutrient medium. In most cases this difference was significant to highly significant. The results of experiments proved unambiguously a higher enzymatic activity in all root segments in fraction III than in fraction II. In fraction III the highest acid phosphatase activity was found in the apical part, in fraction II in the basal part of the root.


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  • Marie Kummerová
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of J. E. PurkyněBrnoCzechoslovakia

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