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AM ultrasound-modulated optical tomography with realtime FFT

  • Yong Yao
  • Da Xing
  • Yonghong He


We report on a novel ultrasound-modulated optical tomographic technique applied in dense tissue-simulating turbid media. A 1 MHz ultrasound beam is focused into the media to modulate and tag the scattering laser light passing through the ultrasonic focused zone. A 10 kHz sinusoidal wave, as a detection wave, is carried by the ultrasound beam through amplitude-modulation (AM). The scattering photons that come from the focused zone carry the modulated information, received by detector and demodulated by real-time fast Fourier transform (FFT). The optical tomographic images of the tissue simulating media and buried object are reconstructed with AM spectral intensity. This method can be applied to imaging three-dimensional tissue structures with different optical parameters. For the first time, we obtained the tomography of buried objects in biological tissue phantoms with a detecting depth of 30 mm.


optical tomography ultrasonic modulation amplitude modulation optical imaging FFT 


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© Science in China Press 2001

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Laser Life ScienceSouth China Normal UniversityGuangzhouChina

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