The ITDG international windpump programme; engineering design considerations used in developing a windpump system for small-scale manufacture and use in under-developed arid or semi-arid regions

  • P L Fraenkel
Wind Energy


In this paper, some of the reasons why windpumps have not readily found widespread application in the less developed arid regions, despite the fact that they have been widely and successfully applied in the United States and Australia are discussed, in the context of the London-vasedIntermediate Technology Development Group’s (ITDG) investigative work and field experience with windpumps.

Following from this is a description of ITDG’s International Windpumps Development Programme which is intended to overcome some of the previous shortcomings of windpumps when applied in under-developed regions. Lastly there is an account in some detail of the engineering approach chosen in designing the ITDG windpump prototype for development under the International Programme which sets out to show how we feel we have identified a number of methods for either reducing the cost or increasing the output of machines of this kind.


Windpumps application in less developed regions design reciprocating pumps horizontal-axis wind rotor intermediate technology 


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