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Getechnical monitoring by digital precise photogrammetry

  • Jae-Yun Hwang
Geotechnical Engineering


Monitoring is a key element of observation design and construction method in civil engineering structures. In the case of tunnel measurement, convergence measure and electro-optical distance measuring instruments are usually used for inner displacement survey and crown settlement survey, respectively. As for slope measurement, a borehole displacement meter or an electro-optical distance measuring instrument has thus far been used for displacement survey. These methods, however, are weighed down by many disadvantages. Therefore, a new method must be developed. In this paper, a new geotechnical monitoring system by digital precis e photogrammetry is proposed as a monitoring method for observational design and construction method in civil engineering structures. Then the model experiment of the geotechnical monitoring system by digital precise photogrammetry developed by author was carried out in the laboratory. Based on measurement result obtained, it can be concluded that there is substantial potential for the exploitation of digital precise photogrammetry technique in civil engineering measurement. This study also demonstrated that the proposed methodology is routinely capable of achieving object displacement accuracy well in survey in civil and geotechnical engineering applications.


digital precise photogrammetry displacement survey geotechnical monitoring model experiment observational design and construction method 

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  1. 1.Geoscience Research LaboratoryJapan

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