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Changes in the content of phenolic compounds and IAA-oxidase activity during the growth of tobacco crown gall suspension culture

  • Zofia Chirek
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Phenolic content and IAA-oxidase (IAA-o) activity have been assayed in cells and medium of tobacco crown gall suspension culture in several stages of culture cycle. The highest content of total phenolics in the cells were found prior to cell division and in the middle stage of intensive growth. The beginning of intensive growth is accompanied by temporary reduction in phenolic level in the cells as well as their intensive secretion to the medium. In the second part of the culture cycle, when the phenolic production was weaker, the majority of these compounds were maintained in the cells.

The highest activity of IAA-o in the cells was detected in the middle stage of intensive growth, simultaneously with high phenolic content; following it a considerable decrease of IAA-o activity is correlated with maximum of chlorogenic acid (ChA) content (at reduced amount of total phenolics). IAA-o activity increased again at the end of the stage of intensive growth when the level of phenolics was low including ChA. These data suggest that IAA-o in relation to phenolic level determines cell growth in the culture.

In the culture medium — fairly distinct negative correlation between IAA-o activity and phenolic content suggests that the latter participates in enzyme activity regulation. During intensive growth IAA-o activity is strongly inhibited.

The results prove that phenolic level. IAA-o activity and auxin level are closely correlated and may constitute essential elements of a mechanism of regulation crown gall cell growth in culture.

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  • Zofia Chirek
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  1. 1.Department of Plant Physiology and BiochemistryUniversity of LodzLodzPoland

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