Serum iron, copper and zinc status in maternal and cord blood

  • Chitra Upadhyaya
  • Sandhya Mishra
  • Peeyush Ajmera
  • Praveen Sharma


Pregnancy is associated with increased demand of all the nutrients like Iron, Copper, Zinc etc. and deficiency of any of these could affect pregnancy, delivery and out come of pregnancy. With this consideration, the study was conducted on 80 mothers and newborns and 20 age matched control women. Out of 80 mothers, 34 had Iron deficiency anemia and their Hb levels were below 9.0 gm/d1. Pregnant women had significantly lower Iron and Zinc levels while Copper and Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) were significantly higher (P<0.001). Newborns had significantly elevated Iron and Zinc levels and low levels of Copper and TIBC as compared to their mothers irrespective of Iron deficiency anemia. Micronutrient status of newborn was found to be dependent on their mother's micronutrient status. Besides, results also suggest micronutrient interactions, which are reflected in Iron/Zinc, Iron/Copper and Zinc/Copper ratios. In view of this, there is need for proper, adequate and balanced micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy to affect a healthy outcome.

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  • Sandhya Mishra
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  • Peeyush Ajmera
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  • Praveen Sharma
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