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, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 56–58 | Cite as

Effect of maturity, storage temperature, and storage time on greening of potato tubers

  • R. W. Buck
  • R. V. Akeley


Significant differences occurred in the greening of potato tubers among six varieties tested. The degree of greening was influenced by maturity, storage temperature, and length of time in storage. The response to greening of all clones tested was in the same direction but the degree of greening differed. Tubers which were harvested early greened less than those harvested at maturity. However, tubers held at 70 F for one month after harvest greened less than on the normal harvest date. Tubers stored at low temperature, 40 F, greened more than those stored at 55 F or 70 F. Tubers greened less after 4 months' storage than those stored for 2 months.


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Las diferencias significativas occurrieron en el acto de verdear de los tubérculos de papa entre seis variedads examinados. El grado de el acto de verdear fué influido por la madurez, la temperatura de almacenaje, y la duración de tiempo en almacenaje. La respuesta a el acto de verdear de todos clones examinedos fué en misma tendencia mas el grado de el acto de verdear diferido. Los tubórculos segados temprano verdearon menos de aquellos segados a madurez. No obstante, los tubérculos reservados a 70 F por uno mes segun siega verdearon menos de aguellos en el regular tiempo de siega. Los tubérculos almacenados a 40 F verdearon más de aquellos almacendos a 55 F o 70 F. Los tubérculos almacendos por 4 meses verdearon menos de aquellos almacendos por 2 meses.


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  • R. W. Buck
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  • R. V. Akeley
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  1. 1.Crops Research Division, Agricultural Research ServiceU. S. Department of AgricultureBeltsville

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