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Bcl-1 rearrangement and cyclin D1 protein expression in multiple myeloma precursor cells

  • Liu Xinyue
  • Tang Zehai
  • Zou Ping


The rearrangement of Bcl-1 gene (Bcl-1/IgH rearrangement) and expression of cyclin D1 in multiple myeloma (MM) precursor cells were studied and the role of cyclin D1 in the pathogenesis of MM was investigated. The BCL-1 rearrangement and cyclin Dl protein expression in 15 cases of MM were detected. By using hemi-nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) the genomic DNA from fresh peripheral blood and bone marrow was amplified and the expression of cyclin D1 in the smears was detected by using immunohistochemical method. Ten volunteer with normal bone marrow served as control group. The results showed Bcl-1 rearrangement was detectable in 3/15 (20%) MM pa- and cyclin D, expression in 4/15 (27 %) MM patients. Bcl-1 rearrangement and cyclin Dl protein expression were also detected in MM precursor cells. No overexpression of cyclin Dl or the rearrangement of the Bcl-1 gene was found in the 10 volunteers. It was concluded that Bcl-1 rearrangement and cyclin Dl protein overexpression were detected in MM precursor cells, speculating that overexpression of cyclin Dl protein may play an initial (critical) role in the pathogenesis of MM.

Key words

multiple myeloma BCL-1/IgH rearrangement Clone cell cyclin D1 protein 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Liu Xinyue
    • 1
  • Tang Zehai
    • 1
  • Zou Ping
    • 1
  1. 1.Hematology InstituteTongji Medical UniversityWuhan

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