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Superconvergence for L2-projection in finite elements

  • Chuanmiao Chen


Two classes of superconvergence points forL 2-projection un inn-degree finite elements on uniform grids are shown by element analysis method. Superconvergence points ofu n aren + 1 order Gauss point Gn+1 for oddd≳-1 (so the endpoint of each element is of superconvergent), andn + 1 order pointset Zn+1 for even n≥2 (which includes the endpoints and midpoint), respectively. Symmetry point is only an important part of them.


superconvergence finite elements L2-projection 


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  • Chuanmiao Chen
    • 1
  1. 1.Hunan Normal UniversityInstitute of ComputingChangshaChina

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