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, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp 592–599 | Cite as

NodD binds to target DNA in isologous octamer

  • Songtao Liu
  • Huafeng Lü
  • Guofan Hong


NodD, the major regulatory protein of nodulation, was partially purified from Rhizobium leguminosarum 8401(pIJ1518), and its binding sequences within nodF promoter of R. l. bv. viciae were determined by DNase I footprinting. A series of techniques based on gel retardation were used to analyze the NodD-target DNA interaction, showing that NodD binds to target DNA in isologous octamer.


NodD DNase I footprinting gel retardation octamer Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Songtao Liu
    • 1
  • Huafeng Lü
    • 1
  • Guofan Hong
    • 1
  1. 1.Shanghai Institute of BiochemistryChinese Academy of SciencesShanghaiChina

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