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Relations entre la tolérance ou la sensibilité à la salinité lors de la germination des semences et les composantes de la nutrition en sodium

  • G. Guerrier
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Relations between the seed tolerance or sensitivity to salinity at the germination time and the Na-components of nutrition


Adsorption, absorption and translocation of sodium were compared in three species showing an ascending degree in tolerance to salinity: red cabbage (tolerant) shows higher Root Cationic Exchange Capacity than tomato (sensitive) or radish (intermediate). At low NaCl concentrations, tomato accumulates the greatest quantities of sodium; but Na+ translocation remains proportional to the quantity absorbed in the three plants. At high salt concentrations, diffusive phenomena explain similar accumulation in every plant, but red cabbage quickly localises 50% of Na+ amount in cotyledons, while this element stays stored in tomato roots. The consequence of these three nutrition phases was discussed in relation to the behaviour observed at the germination time of these same plants.


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  • G. Guerrier
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  1. 1.Institut de Recherches Scientifiques et TechniquesBoulevard LavoisierAngers CedexFrance

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