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ImmunologicalStatus of aged subjects with reference to serological evidence of autoimmunity

  • Carlo Zanussi
  • Claudio Rugarli
  • Paolo Casali
  • Giovanna Fabio
  • Bice Perussia
  • Maria Grazia Sabbadini Villa
  • Raffaella Scorza Smeraldi
  • Giorgio Duca
Original Contributions


When a group of 104 aged subjects was screened for autoimmune reactions, positive reactions for the rheumatoid factor and/or autoantibodies (ANA, anti-thyroid, PCA, anti-smooth muscle, anti-mitochondria) were recorded in 40.4%. Immunological functions were studied in 32 positive aged subjects, 32 age- and sex-matched negative controls, and 32 young subjects. Some differences attributable to the process of aging were quite evident, such as a depression in the percentage of E rosette forming peripheral lymphocytes and in their response to PHA, and an increase in the percentage of IgG-bearing peripheral lymphocytes and in the serum levels of IgA and three complement fractions (C’3, C’4 and C’3-PA). No clear-cut picture was noted when autoimmunity-positive and -negative, aged subjects were compared. However, some differences between sexes suggest that autoimmune reactions are linked to a depressed T cell function mainly in males, whereas the reverse is true for females.


Aging Autoantibodies Autoimmune disease Autoimmunity Complement Immunological functions Lymphocytes 


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  • Carlo Zanussi
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  • Claudio Rugarli
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  • Paolo Casali
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  • Giovanna Fabio
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  • Bice Perussia
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  • Maria Grazia Sabbadini Villa
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  • Raffaella Scorza Smeraldi
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  • Giorgio Duca
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  1. 1.Istituto di Clinica Medica IVdell’Università degli Studi di Milano Ospedale Policlinico, Padiglione LittaMilanoItalia
  2. 2.Istituto di Statistica Medica e Biometriadell’Università degli Studi di MilanoItalia

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