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A quarter century of potato variety trials in Rhode Island

  • J. E. Sheehan
  • T. E. Odland


The Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Station has cooperated with the United States Department of Agriculture in testing potato seedling selections and comparing them with established varieties. The seedlings and varieties have been compared with respect to yield, disease, insect resistance and cooking quality. Eighteen varieties were included in the test for five or more years. Many others were included for shorter periods.

Green Mountain and Chippewa averaged about the same yield over a 25-year period. Katahdin produced an average of 60 bushels less than these.

The Katahdin has become the leading main crop potato variety in Rhode Island. Irish Cobbler is the leading early variety.

The Green Mountain variety has been rated first in cooking quality; the Katahdin, however, has been rated highest in market appeal, and the Saco variety is still the most promising of the newer varieties that have been tested.


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  • J. E. Sheehan
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  • T. E. Odland
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  1. 1.Agricultural Experiment StationKingston

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