Journal of Chinese Political Science

, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 25–45 | Cite as

Taiwan’s investment policy in mainland China a domestic perspective

  • Teh-chang Lin


The interaction of politics and economics has complicated Taiwan’s investment in mainland China. Do we need to put some pressure on Taiwan’s investors and ask them to follow the “Jie Je Yong Ren” policy? Or can we just let them go, according to the principle of market liberalization? It is indeed very difficult to find an absolute solution. Again, it is also not easy to identify which perspective, state or market, is right or wrong. Although the conflictual situation between the government and the entrepreneurs will continue in the future, at least some of the myths relevant to this political and economic interaction across the Strait must be cleared up. Hopefully, this paper might provide some implications for both political decision-makers and enterpreneurs in Taiwan.


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