Biologia Plantarum

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  • Jarmila SolÁrovÁ


Floral Meristem Linum Usitatissimum Chenopodium Rubrum Photoperiodic Induction Photoperiodic Treatment 
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  1. Preová, A.: Asimilačné Pigmenty, Tuky a Ultraštruktúra Plastidov počas Embryogenézy Lanu in situ a in vitro. [Assimilation Pigments, Fats and the Ultrastructure of Plastids during the Embryogenesis of Flax in situ and in vitro.] — Acta bot. slovaca, Ser. B 4 Physiologica, Pathophysiologica. — Veda, Bratislava 1985. 73 pp., Kčs 11.-. (In Slovak, abstract in Russian and English].Google Scholar

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