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Annual Winter Meeting of the certification section Potato Association of America, January 21–23, 1975 Homestead, Florida

  • Warren Trank
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The first day of the three-day conference was confined to discussions regarding legal responsibilities of growers, certification agencies, and states and universities. The entire second day of the conference was devoted to a tour of the winter test plots of the following states: Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and the Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. A planting of known Spindle Tuber virus from the various states, prepared by Mr. Morneault, of Maine, was visited. A cook-out at the Maine farm at Homestead was the highlight of the second day. The third day the conference included the business meeting, a summary of the Leaf Roll virus situation in each state, programs for the control of Blackleg, and a discussion of other problems related to potato certification.


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