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Production of D-lactic acid by bacterial fermentation of rice

  • Chan Woo Lee


This study describes the synthesis of D-lactic acid from rice by fermentation using microorganisms. Some micro-organisms were found to be active for producing D-lactic acid of high optical purity after an intensive screening test for D-lactic acid bacteria using glucose as substrate. Rice powder was hydrolyzed with a combination of enzymes:α-amylase,β-amylase, and pullulanase, and the resultant rice saccharificate was subjected to the fermentation with the selected D-lactic acid bacteria. After the optimization of this fermentation it has been confirmed that D-lactic acid can be manufactured in a pilot scale.


D-lactic acid Fermentation Microorganism Enzyme Saccharificate Optimization 


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  1. 1.Department of Innovative Industrial TechnologyHoseo UniversityAsanKorea

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