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Potato outlook committee

  • H. E. Drobish


If the same acreage is planted in 1931 as was planted in 1930 and only average yields are secured, the production will exceed 400,000,000 bushels and comparatively low prices will probably result.

If an increased acreage of the late crop is planted in 1931 equivalent to the indicated increase of 10 per cent reported for the early states, and average yields are secured, a production approaching the record yield of 1928 will be the result. Prices were disastrously low for the 1928 crop.

In the opinion of the committee any attempt to reduce production for 1931 should be brought about by planting less acreage, particularly in those areas where soil and climatic conditions are unfavorable for the production of the highest yield of quality potatoes.

From the market outlook for the season of 1931-32, those growers whose total costs of production and marketing are above the average, should seriously consider before investing money in potato production for the coming year. The present outlook does not justify speculative planting. The committee recognizes that there are special areas of unusually low cost of production and proximity to market where a reduction in acreage cannot be expected.

Good farming practices and increased efficiency should be encouraged. The use of good seed, sufficient fertilizer and proper cultural practices are necessary in securing the highest yield of quality potatoes. The resulting low costs per unit of production are equally important, regardless of the market outlook in any given year.


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