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Raising siberian tigers In captivity in northeast China

  • Liu Xinchen
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The Breeding Center of Felidae Animals was founded in Hengdaohezi, Heilongjiang province in 1986. This paper presents the methods and observations of practices in feeding, mating, breeding, study and management of a captive population of siberian tigers at the center. Since the establishment of the program, the initial population of 5 males and 15 females has been increased to 48 tigers. In the past 3 years, 37 cubs were born and 28 survived. The average litter size was 2.6 in 1988 and 2.8 in 1989. Methods of feeding, mating and raising arc continually modified according to observations, experimental comparisons and program development. This program represents a new attempt to conserve and renaturalize this rare and precious species.

Key words

Endangered species Siberian tiger Species conservation 


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  • Liu Xinchen
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  1. 1.Breeding Center of Fetidae AnimalsHengdaohezi, Heilongjiang ProvinceP. R. China

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