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, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 177–190 | Cite as

Trace elements in galena and sphalerite and their geochemical significance in distinguishing the genetic types of Pb-Zn ore deposits

  • Zhang Qian


This paper deals with the trace elements Ag, Sb, Bi in galens and Fe, Mn, Cd, Se, Te, Ga and In in sphalerite from 60 Pb-Zn deposits in China and other countries. The contents of the selected trace elements and their ratios show regular variations from one type of Pb-Zn deposits to another. These elements or their ratios are plotted onto Pb-lnAg, lnSb-lnBi, lnGa-lnIn, Fe-Cd, Fe-Cd-Mn and Zn/Cd-Se/Te-Ga/In diagrams. On the basis of these diagrams, the deposits associated with magmatism(type I), those associated with volcanism(type II), the sedimentary-reformed deposits (type III) and sedimentary-metamorphic deposits(type IV) can be well distinguished. Types I and III have the definite fields in all the diagrams. Types II and IV also have their own fields in lnGa-lnIn and Zn/Cd-Se/Te-Ga/In diagrams. The author considers that these diagrams are applicable to distinguishing the genetic types of Pb-Zn deposits.


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  • Zhang Qian
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  1. 1.Institute of GeochemistryAcademia SinicaChina

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