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Tensor product composition of algebras in Bose and Fermi canonical formalism

  • Debendranath Sahoo
Mathematical Physics


We consider a graded algebra with two products (σ, α) over anε-factor commutation. One of the products (σ) isε-commutative, but, in general non-associative; and the other (α) is a graded Lieε-product and a gradedε-derivative with respect to the first (σ). Using the obvious mathematical condition, namely—the tensor product of two graded algebras with the sameε-factors is another with the sameε-factor, we determine the complete structure of a two-product (σ, α) graded algebra.

When theε-factors are taken to be unity and the gradation structure is ignored, we recover the algebras of the physical variables of classical and quantum systems, considered by Grgin and Petersen.

With the retention of the gradation structure and the possible choice of two ε-factors we recover the algebras of the canonical formalism of boson and fermion systems for the above classical and quantum theories. We also recover in this case the algebra of anticommutative classical systems considered by Martin along with its quantum analogue.


Canonical formalism graded algebra two-product algebra algebraic structure composition axiom 


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  • Debendranath Sahoo
    • 1
  1. 1.Reactor Research CentreKalpakkam

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