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Flavor tests on potatoes grown in soil where lindane was applied to cucumbers

  • Mary E. Kirkpatrick
  • Grace S. Linton
  • Beatrice M. Mountjoy
  • Linda C. Albright


Five varieties of potatoes, Bliss Triumph, Cherokee, Irish Cobbler, Pontiac and Sebago were evaluated when freshly harvested and after three months’ storage at 55°F. to determine whether off-flavor effects resulted from production in fields used the previous year for growing cucumbers treated with lindane.

No significant off-flavor was detected in the Cherokee and Sebago varieties, whereas, flavor judgments for Bliss Triumph tended to be lower in the samples from treated than from untreated plots. Irish Cobblers of both maturities and Pontiacs from immature plants grown in treated plots gave tubers scoring significantly lower for flavor than those grown in untreated plots when freshly harvested and also after three months’ storage at 55°F. Samples from all varieties grown without treatment did not differ significantly in either harvest whether stored or unstored.

A comparison of treated samples on a maturity basis showed that flavor scores for immature plants were lower than those from mature plants. Differences based on maturity are indicative only of a trend because of drought conditions during growth and the short time intervals between harvest dates.

The preponderance of reports of “musty” accompanied the significantly low scoring treated lots of Bliss Triumph and Irish Cobler (both maturities) and of Pontiac (one maturity) which would appear to substantiate the finding of off-flavor for these lots.

An appraisal of the scores for both freshly harvested samples and those stored for three months at 55°F. did not reveal significant differences in the scores caused by storage.

It may logically be concluded from these results together with the findings of other workers that even foliage applications of lindane may prove to be a potential source of off-flavor both in a current season’s crop and to those subsequently grown with the same treatments. An endeavor to develop insecticide substances which may be used indefinitely without lessening flavor quality seems expedient.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mary E. Kirkpatrick
    • 1
  • Grace S. Linton
    • 1
  • Beatrice M. Mountjoy
  • Linda C. Albright
  1. 1.Human Nutrition Research Branch, Agricultural Research ServiceUnited States Department of AgricultureWashington, D. C.

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