Hypergraph-based object-oriented model and hypergraph theory for GIS

  • Zhang Jin
  • Gong Jianya


This paper discusses the features and relevant theories of GIS spatial data model based on hypergraph, etc. The integrated concept model based on hypergraph and object-oriented model (HOOM) is proposed by the authors. The principal contribution of this paper is that we study theK-section and other theories of hypergraph. An application example using HOOM is given at the end of the paper.

Key words

hypergraph object-oriented GIS spatial data model HBDS DEM 


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Copyright information

© Wuhan University of Technology 2002

Authors and Affiliations

  • Zhang Jin
    • 1
  • Gong Jianya
  1. 1.Department of Surveying and GeomaticsTaiyuan University of TechnologyTaiyuanChina

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