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The training of professional film workers in Europe

  • Robert W. Wagner


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    Ellis, Jack. “Film Courses in U.S. Colleges and Universities.”Audio-Visual Communication Review. Winter, 1956.Google Scholar
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    Variety (May 23, 1956) reported that studios are planning to open their doors to cinema students whose work would be graded by studio executives. Mervyn LeRoy last year called for 50 to 75 new technicians annually from major colleges, and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has organized a committee to work on the problem of technical education at the university level to meet the growing need in both the film and television industries.Google Scholar
  3. 4.
    In an open letter appearing in theKomosolskaya Pravda (April 13, 1956), students of the Institute complain: “. . . Only half of the directors who were graduated this year (1956) had a chance to shoot even one meter of film during the five years. In 1939 it was decided to construct a training building in the Institute (the Institute occupies a part of the area which belongs to the Gorky Studio). This building has been under construction for 17 years and is still not finished, and only 35% of the area is usable. It is enough to say that the Institute has not even a screening room.”Google Scholar

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