Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)

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Cross sections of reactions produced by high energy neutrino beams

  • N. Cabibbo
  • R. Gatto
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  1. (1).
    We have learned that various physicists, namely Prof.Amaldi, Prof.Bernardini, Prof.Cocconi, Prof.Lederman, Prof.Lee, Prof.Preiswerk and perhaps many others are thinking at present on the possibility of such experiments.Google Scholar
  2. (2).
    C. L. Cowan, F. Reines, F. B. Harrison, H. W. Kruse andA. D. McGuire (Nature,178, 446 (1956)) gave a cross-section 6·10−44 for he reaction\(\bar v + p \to n + e^ + \). The experiment was possible because of the high intensity of neutrinos from a thermal neutron reactor.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  3. (3).
    There have already been theoretical discussions on the importance of weak interactions at high energies [see, for instance,D. I. Blokhinstev:On the Limits of applicability of Quantum Electrodynamics, F. 148, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, (1958)].Google Scholar
  4. (4).
    R. Davis:Bull. Am. Phys. Soc.,1, 219 (1956); and byC. O. Meuhlhanse andS. Oleska:Phys. Rev.,105, 1333 (1957). Evidence against double β decay is discussed for instance byC. L. Cowan andF. Reines:Phys. Rev.,106, 825 (1957). The study of neutrino reactions will also offer a conclusive test of the hypothesis that the neutrino emitted with the electron is the same as that emitted with the muon.Google Scholar
  5. (5).
    A detailed discussion can be found inR. Gatto:Fortschr. d. Phys.,7, 147 (1959).MathSciNetADSCrossRefMATHGoogle Scholar
  6. (6).
    R. P. Feynmann andM. Gell-Mann:Phys. Rev.,109, 193 (1958);R. E. Marshak andE. C. G. Sudarshan:Phys. Rev.,109, 1860 (1958).MathSciNetADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar
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    M. Goldberger andS. B. Treiman:Phys. Rev.,110, 1478 (1958).MathSciNetADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar
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    T. D. Lee andC. N. Yang:Phys. Rev.,108, 1611 (1957);S. Bludman andA. Klein:Phys. Rev.,109, 550 (1958);N. Cabibbo andR. Gatto:Phys. Rev.,116, n. 4 (1959).ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar

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Authors and Affiliations

  • N. Cabibbo
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  • R. Gatto
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  1. 1.Istituto di Fisica e Scuola di Perfezionamento dell’UniversitàRoma
  2. 2.Istituto Nazionale di Fisica NucleareSezione di RomaItaly

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