Economic Botany

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Book reviews



  1. Crop in Peace and War—The Year-book of Agriculture 1950–1951. More than 225 contributing authors. xviii + 942 pages. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Obtainable from Superintendent of Documents, Washington 26, D. C. $2.50.Google Scholar
  2. Farming and Gardening in the Bible. Alastair I. MacKay. 280 pages. Rodale Press. 1951. $3.Google Scholar
  3. Distribution of British Pharmacopoeidal Drug Plants and Their Substitutes Growing in India. S. L. Nayar and I. C. Chopra. 56 pages. Coun. Sci. & Ind. Res, New Delhi, India. Rs 1/4/-.Google Scholar
  4. Seaweeds and Their Uses. V. J. Chapman. xvi + 287 pages; illus. Methuen & Co., London, England; British Book Centre, New York, N. Y. $6.25.Google Scholar

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