Activated nitriles in heterocyclic synthesis novel synthesis of thiadiazolo[2,3-a]pyridine derivatives

  • Salah Zaki Ahmed Sowellim
  • Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Khodeir
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Osman
  • Abdel Ghani Ali Elagamey
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Several new thiadiazolo[2,3-a]pyridine, thiazole and coumarin derivatives were synthesized via the reaction of 2-cyanomethylthiadiazole with cinnamonitrile, mercaptoacetic acid and salicylaldehyde.


Thiadiazolo[2,3-a]pyridine thiazole coumarin 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Salah Zaki Ahmed Sowellim
    • 1
  • Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Khodeir
    • 1
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Osman
    • 1
  • Abdel Ghani Ali Elagamey
    • 1
  1. 1.Chemistry Department, Faculty of ScienceDamietta-Mansoura UniversityEgypt

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