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Techniques for successful field seeding of true potato seed

  • Mark W. Martin


Crops of potatoes were successfully grown during each of 7 yrs from botanical seed planted directly into fields. During this period a total of 8 ha of direct-seeded potatoes was grown in 27 trials involving several soil types and several planting, cultural, and irrigation methods. Methods of seed production, extraction, treatment, and planting were developed along with methods of weed and insect control and methods of caring for growing seedlings so they would produce good yields of tubers, many of which were of commercial size and quality and very useful in a breeding program.

Key Words

True potato seed field seeding seed extraction seed germination seeding methods weed control 


Cada año durante siete años, se cultivó con éxito papa de semilla botánica sembrada directamente en los campos. Se cultivó en este período un total de 8 ha de papa de siembra directa en 27 ensayos que involucraban varios tipos de suelo y varios métodos de siembra, de cultivó y de riego. Fueron desarrollados métodos de producción, extracción, tratamiento y siembra de semilla paralelamente con métodos de control de malezas e insectos y métodos de manejo de las plántulas en crecimiento para que diesen buenos rendimientos de tubérculos. Muchos de éstos fueron de tamaño y calidad comerciales y muy útiles dentro de un programa de majoramiento.


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  • Mark W. Martin
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  1. 1.Agricultural Research ServiceU. S. Department of Agriculture, Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension CenterProsser

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