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The effect of a mild strain of latent mosaic virus X on yield of some of the new potato varieties in Maine

  • P. M. Lombard


The reduction in yield from potato seed infected with virus X reported by several investigators varies from a very small amount to as high as 30 per cent. The reduction varies with the potato variety and the strain of virus X.

In an experiment with the varieties Chippewa, Sequoia, Sebago, and Teton, seed stock carrying a mild strain of virus X and stock free from virus X were compared with commercial stock for each variety. Both mild-X and commercial seed gave reduced yields in comparison with yields from stock free from virus X. The reduction in yield varied with the variety. Percentage reductions in yield for mild X were: Chippewa, 6.1 per cent, Sequoia, 2.1; Sebago, 4.2; and Teton, 9.5. Percentage reductions in yield for commercial stock were: Chippewa, 6.8 per cent; Sequoia, 0.2; Sebago, 9.8; and Teton, 5.1. In only two cases did the reduction in yield reach or closely approach significance viz., Teton mild-X and Sebago commercial stock. The yield trend for all varieties favored X-free stock.


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  • P. M. Lombard
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Fruit and Vegetable Crops and Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Research AdministrationUnited States Department of AgricultureBeltsville

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