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Solanum correllii a new tuber bearing species from Ecuador

  • C. Ochoa


In spite of being a small country, Ecuador has a very rich and varied flora. In relation to the relatively small area of the country, Ecuador surely has one of the richest floras in South America. It harbors several-thousand species of the Plant Kingdom including many endemic and unique ones.

Regarding Ecuadorian wild potatoes, up to now we know fourteen species, ten of which are endemic to that country.

In this paper, a new species from Ecuador is described. It has been dedicated to Dr. Donovan S. Correll who is an outstanding botanist and contributor to the knowledge of tuber bearing solanums through his 1962 monograph, the only one written on the subject up to now.

Due to the rough Andean Geography, there surely are in Ecuador several other new species of wild potatoes yet to be discovered.


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Se consigna la diagnosis original deSolanum correllii Ochoa, una neuva especie silvestre tuberifera diploide de los Andes del Ecuador, dedicada al ilustre botánico Dr. Donovan S. Correll.


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