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Screening of aU(1) ×U(1) dyon by a domain wall in a double axion model

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The screening of the electric-like charge degrees of freedom of aU(1) ×U(1) dyon by an axion-like domain wall is discussed. Depending on the combination of degenerate minima at the interior and exterior boundary of the spherical domain wall a multiplicity of “screened generated electric-likeU(1) ×U(1) charges” are generated in the region exterior to the domain wall. Such a result demonstrates how aU(1) ×U(1) dyon-domain wall configuration may generate multiplicate phenomena in the early universe from a singleU(1) ×U(1) source.


Dyon charge screening domain wall 




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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsNorth Adams State CollegeNorth AdamsUSA

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